The Simple All-In-One Edge Device

Small Footprint, Easy to Configure & Program, Connects to Existing Equipment Quickly, Securely Communicates with Various Cloud Services.

Dedicated IO

A Quite Versatile Array of Inputs and Outputs to Easily Talk with Existing Standardized Hardware Solutions from

Level, Pressure and Temperature Transmitters to Modbus Serial devices. Nucleus Can Handle It All.

5 Digital Outputs & 10 Digital Inputs

Nucleus isn’t just an edge computer is also interfaces directly with various industrial equipment through its IO. Digital Outs support 0-10VDC and Digital Inputs support 3-30VDC.

4 Analog Inputs

Nucleus also supports Analog Inputs with a 4-20ma or 0-24VDC. These inputs are easily scaled in a simple programming interface such as Node-Red or Ignition

RS485 Serial Interface

With a built in Serial Communication port that can easily be used to communicate with Modbus Serial through various programming methods.

A Wide Array Of Technology Compatibility

Speaking Your Language

Nucleus has a wide variety of communication protocols and expansion options that make quick work of reporting data back into your own system, the Tyrion Cloud and ultimately Cloud 2 Cloud connections.

Cellular First Design

With the versatility and reliability of the cellular network and with Nucleus supporting AT&T, Verizon & Sprint networks, reliable and secure communications are seemingly endless.
The Cellular Modem Supports Data and Voice making it possible to use Nucleus as a SMS Gateway.

Dual LAN Ports

The Dual LAN ports’ main purpose is to allow Nucleus wider network functionality. It can connect to multiple networks or ethernet (Modbus, OPC UA, etc.) devices simultaneously while keeping the form factor small thus eliminating in most cases the need to include a switch in the installation of an enclosure.

Global Positioning System or GPS

Every Nucleus has built in GPS and comes with its own magnetic antenna. The Tyrion Cloud homepage has a map overview showing your Nucleuses last GPS location. This allows you to see an overview of your Nucleus fleet right out of the box and jump to problem areas with contextual awareness. GPS Antennas are external to improve the versatility of mounting and accuracy of readings.

Wide & Efficient Power Options

Nucleus operates on standard low voltage systems ranging from 12-30VDC. Our off-grid package comes complete with everything needed and supply’s power to instrumentation to monitor your remote locations without available power.


Nucleus is an Industrial Internet of Things gateway with built in external interfaces and I/O. Whether it be a 4-20 mA transmitter or pulling data from an OPC UA server, your data can be exposed in real time through the cloud or local interfaces. Check out our spec sheet for additional information.

Security is Our Thing

Our partnership with Intrinsic ID shows we are serious about security. Nucleus comes out of the box with integrated world renowned security features that are next to none! Your data is safe with Nucleus!

Want a Copy of the Manual?

Fill out the form below to be emailed a copy of the Nucleus Manual in a PDF for you to print out and reference or to gain more insight on how Nucleus can be used in your next project.