Introducing the All New Patent Pending Stuffing Box Leak Detector. Also Known as RED-EYE Leak Detection System

Here at Tyrion we know that people and the environment are irreplaceable. Greatly reduce reaction time and response to leaks to protect the things that matter most. With world class technology and support this all in one system will easily capture and alarm on stuffing box leaks, and with onboard I/O the possibilities are endless!

Exception based alarming, along with regular preventative, and on demand site surveillance, through the Tyrion Cloud! Research shows majority of leaks can be caught and addressed with RED-EYE before any gross production touches the ground, day or night with IR technology!

Low Cost Solution to Get Your Team Closer to the Well Head

RED-EYE integrated with our universal mounting hardware can be placed on virtually any pumping unit. RED-EYE is mounted in a way that keeps it clear of rig servicing activity.

Think, set it and forget it. RED-EYE is designed for leak detection but think about whole site surveillance, with the Tyrion Cloud you and your team are virtually “boots on the ground” remotely.

Curious if a crew is on site? Log in and see! Want to monitor tubing pressure? Add a pressure transmitter for real time trend able data.

Security is Our Thing

Our partnership with Intrinsic ID shows we are serious about security. RED-EYE comes out of the box with integrated world renowned security features that are next to none! Your data is safe with RED-EYE!

Want To Know More?

Learn all about RED-EYE by requesting the brochure using the form below, it will be sent to you via email in a form you can print out and share.